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Herbal Medicine

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicines may come from the whole plant, the flowers, the leaves, the roots, the barks, the buds or the stems. They are commonly prepared in three bases: water (infusion or decoction), alcohol (tincture – extracted in alcohol) or oil/creams. Both infusions and tinctures are taken internally although some can be applied to the skin, whilst oils/creams are used only on the skin.

There are other preparations such as powders, capsules and fresh juices that can also be prescribed.

The ancient Egyptians used herbs such as Garlic, Juniper and Myrrh in 1500BC for medicinal purposes. Since then, herbal medicine has been in and out of favour. More recently people have become more aware of the benefits of using herbs to help treat their health complaints and to prevent conditions from arising.

Many pharmaceutical drugs used today have an herbal origin. This is achieved by extracting a single constituent from an herb and synthesizing it in the laboratory.

Herbs however contain many natural constituents, which herbalists believe work together and help balance each other, thus resulting in numerous effects within the body and enabling a more holistic treatment to be provided.

The herbs used are of the highest quality and wherever possible are organic and sourced in the U.K.

Modern medical herbalists combine historical knowledge of herbs and the latest scientific research, which gives them a good insight into how herbs work and their effect on the body. Herbalists are also trained to know of any possible drug and herb interaction, and in performing thorough consultations, which ensures a much safer use of herbal medicine.

Can herbal medicine be taken with prescribed medication?

Herbal medicine can be taken safely alongside prescribed drugs, however certain herbs and orthodox medicine can interact negatively therefore it is advised that you fully inform the herbalist of all medication and supplements you are taking.



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