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About Caroline Taylor, Medical Herbalist

Since 1999 Caroline Taylor has worked in the field of complementary therapy, initially training for 2 years in remedial massage at the Northern Institute of Massage. She continued her training a few years later with an intensive course in sports therapy, following with Indian head massage, and second degree level Reiki.

Throughout this time she has treated muscular and joint pain due to injury, arthritis, and posture and helped provide stress relief, however, many of Caroline’s clients had other health conditions that couldn’t be helped with massage; this led her to complete a BSc (Hons) degree in Herbal Medicine.

Since then, she has gone on to complete advanced levels of Bowen Technique and another wonderful remedial treatment called Emmett technique, whilst also attending courses in Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.) and Bach flower remedies. Although she is not yet certified to practise EFT, she feels the insight this mind therapy has given her, has helped develop her understanding of the effect the mind has on the physical body, and how it is essential to treat the body as a whole. With these qualifications she can offer a truly holistic approach when treating clients annoying health conditions or by offering you a little “time-out” from the stresses and strains of life.

For a period of 3 years Caroline was the remedial masseuse/sports therapist at the North of England Endurance Junior Athletes (Ages 16-19) Weekends and has treated many athletes (including marathon runners, track &field athletes) with Bowen and Emmett technique.

Additionally, from 2006-2007, Caroline has provided herbal advice and information to enquirers at the Southport Flower Show Herboretum Stand.

In 2009 she has acted as a Complementary Therapist Coordinator at Trinity Hospice, supporting people with terminal illness and their carers.

Since 1999, she has gained a vast amount of experience treating many conditions, along with a greater insight into the fear and confusion we often feel when faced with ill health. Her aim is to help ease this confusion and fear by not only providing you with treatments, be it herbal medicine or one of the other remedial therapies, but also by providing you with answers to questions about various aspects of your health condition and any practical dietary and lifestyle advice, which can all help you on your path to better health.

Caroline is also a mother of two, and feels the experience of both pregnancy, labour and being a mum have helped gain a more deeper understanding of how this can affect women emotionally and physically, and how scary it can be when choosing treatments for ourselves and for our children. Caroline sought regular treatment throughout her pregnancies, to assist the changes and resulting pain that occurred. She also self treated herself through the labour of her second child to assist the process and reduce the labour pains.

Caroline adheres to a strict professional Code of Ethics and confidentiality and has completed 3 years of botanical and medical training in addition to a minimum 500 hours of clinical training during her BSc (Hons) herbal Medicine degree.



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